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I've just watched this wonderful talk by Stefan Tilkov: REST: I don't Think it Means What You Think it Does - por Garajeando
This book contains some interesting facts about how Google, as a company, works, but IMHO only the first half is interesting, the rest is a bit repetitive.The book contains many anecdotes, but many of them are not interesting or simply repeat a concept already discussed previously.Entertaining but I have not learned as much as intended.
The talk's description While working on Sylius, I have come up with an idea for generic-use and format agnostic CRUD controllers. Thanks to several amazing packages from Symfony & Sylius communities, you can build REST APIs in minutes. What is Lionframe? Lionframe - Rapid REST API development framework, based on Symfony and few libraries, including: SyliusResourceBundle FOSRestBundle Hateoas JMSSerializer What you can do? Lionframe workflow is very simple: Create or generate your Doctrine model (~30s) Configure it as resource and in routing (~20s) Default REST API is ready to use! Sylius resource layer can work with any persistence backend, but currently ORM (SQL databases), MongoDB and PHPCR are supported. Doctrine ORM is used in Lionframe’s tutorial. Why? PHP Community has some great tools to handle REST APIs, but we need more rapid development and we decided to combine these tools with Sylius resource management bundle and provide you with a robust API framework. For more information visit
Android Apps are ugly. They are slow. Android is laggy. I know, you have heard a lot of that in the last years. Enough of it! It is now time to get your revenge back and take advantage of the new tools to draw and animate, design guidelines and a few tricks and recipes to make your Android application stand out from the rest. Join me to speak about how to make your application look different by adding subtle effects that are appealing to the eye and the overall experience of your users. Come ready to get your hands dirty with animations, updating layouts on scrolling events, and playing with shapes. You shall not regret it! #5677904553836544/46614005
Si has oído hablar de AngularJS, te suena de algún comentario, o por casualidades de la vida no te ha tocado aún desarrollar con él, éste es tu punto de partida para ir conociéndolo a lo largo del tour que te ofrecemos para que salgas con ganas de probarlo. Veremos: El típico Hola Mundo. Organización del código y elementos principales de Angular. Servicios (+ factories + providers), filtros y directivas. Integración con sevicios REST (y promesas, eh!!). Routers y estados. ... Y mucho más! Si por otro lado, has trabajado con otros grandes conocidos como Backbone, Marionette, Handlebars, Moustache y un largo etcétera, también hablaremos de ellos mediante pequeñas comparativas: ya sabes, no hay solución única, sino la que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades; por ello, lo mejor es conocer mientras más posibilidades mejor. Por último... ¿te mola el desarrollo híbrido y piensas en dispositivos móviles? Te damos otra pista para que vengas: "angular" y apps móviles...
Azure Machine Learning Studio es una plataforma que te permite utilizar algoritmos predictivos ya disponibles o crear los tuyos propios en la nube o y utilizarlos para tus soluciones o ponerlos a disposición de todo el mundo. Mediante una interfaz web podrás crear tu flujo de predicción y comparar fácilmente los diferentes algoritmos para identificar cual se adapta mejor a tus necesidades. Si todo esto te parece demasiado complicado, también tenemos el Proyecto Oxford, que proporciona algoritmos de visión por computador, reconocimiento de voz y lenguaje natural mediante una API Rest que puedes incorporar inmediatamente a tus aplicaciones iOS, Windows y Android.
At stylefruits we've been using Clojure on production since late 2012. This talk is dedicated to the newest addition to our infrastructure: a Clojure REST-inspired API. Taught by our previous mistakes in the realm of deployment and scalability we've set our requirements high. We're aiming for continuous delivery, high availability, dynamic scaling and pauseless deployments under load. Aside from deployment matters, Clojure proves to be an excellent choice for building a modular and stateless service. In this talk we're going to share our experiences, both good and bad, gained while prototyping, deploying and maintaining our newest project.
En este episodio se trataron los siguientes temas Temas programados Rest API En este episodio nos acompañarán: Herminio Heredia ( Daniel Lara ( Jose Luis Fonseca ( Diego Castaño (
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4. Introducing a test harness.To be able to refactor Alarm, we first need to protect its current behavior (its check method) from regressions by writing tests for it. The implicit dependency of Alarm on Sensor makes Alarm difficult to test. However, it's the fact that Sensor returns random values that makes Alarm impossible to test because the measured pressure values it gets are not deterministic. It seems we're trapped in a vicious circle: in order to refactor the code (improving its design wi...