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January- El Eternauta, Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López- Barcelona. Los vagabundos de la chatarra, Jorge Carrión and Sagar Fornies- Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving- La guerra interminable (The Forever War), Joe Haldeman- Maintanable JavaScript, Nicholas C. Zakas- Ve y pon un centinela (Go Set a Watchman), Harper Lee- El nombre del viento (The Name of the Wind), Patrick Rothfuss- You Don't Know JS: Async & Performance, Kyle Simpson- Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuva...
We all heard about Redux and the amazing stories React developers tell, but what about the rest? Come and learn the guiding principles around Redux and how can (and is) used in Angular 2.0 and other (non React) frameworks to drive the data modeling layer. Discover why this tiny 6K library is setting the frontend world a buzz.
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I did the Printing Account Statement subset of the Bank Account kata in Clojure using Component and Midje. I started the kata in a Barcelona Clojure Developers event. The truth is that, since I was learning how to use the Component library, I didn't use TDD. Instead I worked on the REPL to get everything in place and make it work. Then I wrote the tests I would have liked to write if I had used outside-in TDD with Midje. I find that, when I'm learning something new, it works better for me wha...
17, 18th JuneOfficial site: Twitter: Twitter official hastag: event was organized basically by three guys (#amazing) from was a mix of Open Space and Talks.SessionsWhat a mess! Alfredo CasadoExamples about rewrites of systems that as usually gone bad… is very strange that this kind of things are good idea…The most important thing is to he...
I've just watched this great talk by Jafar Husain JSON Graph: Reactive REST at Netflix - por Garajeando
You have great ideas. You're smart. The people in your organization are smart. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc -- the rest is easy -- simply make a transition plan and transparently explain the benefits. These and other organizational change myths will be tackled by Linda's talk about patterns for introducing new ideas. She will provide some useful tips for helping you start on Monday morning to grow, step by step, any innovation.
En esta charla vamos a ver el por qué Angular 2 está causando tanto expectación en el mundo del desarrollo frontend y veremos cómo empezar a trabajar con este framework desde cero haciendo una pequeña demo con un acceso a un API rest. @raguilera82
Breve momento en el que anuncio mi adiós a Atrápalo después de 2 años intensos de cambios y retos. "El mérito es vuestro, vosotros habéis estado en el día a día picando tests unitarios, APIs REST, etc.". Gracias a todos. Más en el post correspondiente:
¿Quieres saber más? Índice interactivo aquí debajo: 00:09 Presentación 01:04 Spring Data JPA 01:24 Características Spring Data JPA 02:47 Principales proyectos 03:02 Proyectos de la comunidad 03:20 Spring Data Rest 03:40 Características Spring Data Rest 04:18 HAL vs HATEOAS 04:58 ¡A programar! Demo