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Recursos de programación de lambda world 2017
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This presentation was given at Lambda World 2017 by Hadi Hariri. Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details - ___ This talk is about covering language aspects and idioms that you usually don’t see in a 101 talk. Among other things we'll understand covariance and contravariance with generics, learn about the secrets of inline functions in Kotlin and how combining them with reified generics we can work around type erasure on the JVM. We'll dive into lazy evaluation with sequences, use delegation to leverage code reuse and understand lambdas with receivers better to create our own DSL's. Finally, we'll dive into co-routines and see how this powerful concept allows us to deal with concurrency and asynchronous programming, and its difference to languages such as C# or Java.
Susana, Nando y Jero nos cuentan cómo han colaborado para montar la Lambda World 2017 desde sus distintas comunidades de desarrollo. Una pieza clave para el éxito de la conferencia.
This unconference from day one of Lambda World 2017 features presentations by Eugenia Cheng, Bartosz Milewski, Rúnar Bjarnason, Alejandro Serrano, Rafael Gomez, Javier Ferrer, Jeremy Gibbons, Pablo Trinidad, Juan Jose Vazquez, Juan M. Serrano, and Noel Welsh. Follow: - - Visit: - for more details.
Build a Homeland Security Serverless app in 30 minutes with Azure Functions in F# and Logic Apps was a presentation given as part of Lambda World 2017 by Ruth Yakubu. Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details ___ Serverless applications allow developers to build and deploy apps much faster than ever before. In this session, the speaker will show you how to use Functions with Logic Apps and Azure Cognitive Services to analyze facial recognition from a video stream. An HTTP triggered function to alert the police whenever a criminal's face is detected. It will give you first-hand experience on serverless tools in Azure, and show just how fast a developer can create rich applications at cloud-scale.
This presentation was given at Lambda World 2017 by Rúnar Bjarnason. Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details - ___ This talk introduces adjunctions, a category theory concept underlying and unifying a lot of things we take for granted in functional programming. All monads have adjoint functors underlying them, as do products, coproducts, algebraic data types, and folds. We'll see that adjoint functors really do arise everywhere.
This presentation was given at Lambda World 2017 by Dave Gurnell and Noel Welsh. Follow: - - - - For more details visit: - - ___ Mathematics is a tool to structure thinking, to inspire creativity, and to have fun. In this talk, we’ll show how mathematical ideas inform the structure of real commercial software, and then take these very same ideas and apply them to music, visual art, and dance. We hope to show that functional programming, fun, and creativity are united by a common language; that that is the language of mathematics; and that mathematics can be a whole lot simpler than you possibly realize.
This presentation was given at Lambda World 2017 by Zainab Ali. Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details - ___ Recursion is at the heart of every functional programmer's toolkit, but with it comes a lot of boilerplate. In the early 1990s, the seminal paper Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire (Erik Meijer, M.M. Fokkinga, and Ross Paterson) introduced a little-known technique known as recursion schemes. This technique makes recursion generic, removing much of the boilerplate associated with it, and cleanly separating business logic from recursive traversal. It paved the way to many different schemes, each for their own kind of recursive traversal. This talk explores the technique of recursion schemes and how to use it. We start with primitive recursion, briefly diving into folds, before deriving the catamorphism, a specific recursion schema for the right fold. We shall see that there is a rich zoo of recursion schemes for different types of folds, unfolds and more.
En este screencast haremos un repaso rápido al workshop que facilitó Jesús López "Don't fear the Optics" en la Lambda World 2017. "Las ópticas son un conjunto de patrones que nos permiten trabajar con estructuras de datos inmutables de forma realmente simple" Subscríbete al canal en: Aprende Programación Funcional con los cursos de CodelyTV Pro: * Oferta Black friday: * Oferta lanzamiento:
This presentation was given at Lambda World 2017 by Hanneli Tavante. Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details ___ Too many flavours of Functional Programming? Don't worry - like a French bouchon; we will try a taste of some famous languages, and see what they look like. You can pick up your favourite one for the next visit! Using a simple project idea (building an API), we will go through the following menu: - Python A good appetiser - Scala Not pure, but a delicious starter - Haskell Main dish -The desserts Ocaml, Elm, Elixir and others (we are allowed to skip the diet restrictions for dessert!)