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@delabassee Java EE 8 is right around the corner and quite a few things have changed since the original Java EE 8 proposal. This session will describe in details what Java EE 8 will be. We will discuss the new capabilities that are slated for inclusion in the Java EE platform, e.g. - JAX-RS 2.1’s new Reactive client API - Servlet 4.0 HTTP/2 support - Bean Validation 2.0 improvements - CDI 2.0 Asynchronous events - The addition of a new JSON Binding API, i.e. JSON-B 1.0 - A new cross-platform security context - Etc. Come to this session to understand what's coming. https://www.autentia.com
SESSION LEVEL: Intermediate SESSION LANGUAGE: English Gizra has been doing Headless Drupal for a long time and the technology stack has evolved a lot since the very beginning. In this session, we will have a look at our current tools, how do we use them and their benefits: reliability, development speed, maintainability... During the session we will see the process of building a chatroom: we will start with the backend, where we still use Drupal 7, with the Restful module and the ecosystem around it. We will move into the frontend, where we currently use Elm. Real time applications are super cool, so we will see our current tool for them: Pusher and how we integrate it with Drupal and Elm. And we will finish having a look at the bright future of Drupal 8: Rest, GraphQL, JSON API. Todos los videos de Drupalcamp 2017 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKxa4AIfm4pVNaEYO5GKQaN5x_tveHpjO Descarga gratis la versión digital del libro de Roberto Canales “Conversaciones con CEOs y CIOs sobre Transformación Digital y Metodologías Ágiles ” https://goo.gl/i2zZtJ Facebook; https://goo.gl/o8HrWX Twitter; https://goo.gl/MU5pUQ LinkedIn https://goo.gl/2On7Fj/
En esta charla daremos un repaso a las posibilidades de Requests, comparándolo con otros lenguajes o librerías cuando venga al caso. Haremos cosas tan habituales como las siguientes: - Realizar peticiones sencillas. - Realizar peticiones con autenticación - Enviar cabeceras personalizadas. - Enviar ficheros. - Manejar los formatos más comunes, como json o stream binarios. - Gestionar cookies y sesiones. - Gestionar conexiones SSL. - Manejar fácilmente códigos de error, redirecciones, timeouts, etc. En definitiva, veremos cómo hacer lo que uno esperaría poder hacer con una librería HTTP. Presentación disponible en http://2016.es.pycon.org/media/keynotes/requests.zip http://2016.es.pycon.org/
Hablamos con Sergio Arbeo en Codemotion 2016 sobre javascript y las pocas charlas que hay de front-end. Da dos charlas, una decorando javascript y la otra de json api. Todos los videos de Codemotion 2016; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKxa4AIfm4pUvMn4lZ8zin500bsp3oL2A Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter; bit.ly/newsletterautentia Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/Autentia-127966880558674/ Twitter; https://twitter.com/autentia
El futuro de la web móvil ya llegó y se llama Progressive Web Apps. Sites normales que se “autoinstalan” en el móvil y emulan el funcionamiento de una aplicación nativa: icono en el home screen, carga instantánea, funcionamiento offline, notificaciones push, etc. Hablamos del nuevo mercado que se abre ante nosotros y de cómo las desarrollamos: app shell, service workers, manifest.json, critical rendering path y notificaciones. Presentación y slides: http://www.slideshare.net/bikolabs/progressive-web-apps-70059374
¿Quieres saber más? https://www.paradigmadigital.com/ Índice interactivo aquí debajo: 00:10 Presentación 00:58 What is Couchbase? 01:18 Couchbase Server Defined 06:51 The Power of the Flexible JSON Schema 08:05 Document Fundamentals- Composition 09:31 Storing and Retrieving Documents 10:36 Couchbase Data Access 12:21 Choose how to build your apps. and where to run them 13:58 Docker Support 14:14 Top Use Case 19:32 World of Operational Databases 21:52 Couchbase Architecture 22:58 Couchbase Read Operation 23:10 Write Operation 24:18 Auto sharding-Bucket and vBuckets 25:47 Cluster Map 26:24 Cluster Map-2 nodes added 27:01 Basic Operation 27:26 Add Nodes to Cluster 27:46 Fail Over Node 28:20 Modern Architecture-Multi-Dimensional Scaling 29:41 Demo: Install Couchbase 38:38 Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) 39:47 Memory-to-memory, topology aware replication 42:49 Demo: XDCR: Replicate data between clusters 52:10 Languages and Interfaces for Couchbase 52:38 Interacting with Data 52:48 Data Modeling 54:36 Reference Documents for Lookup 55:39 Compound keys: example 56:50 Demo: Code examples: CRUD 1:04:30 Couchbase Query (N1QL) 1:04:37 Why SQL for JSON? 1:04:49 SELECT 1:05:51 Indexing 1:06:46 Data writes 1:07:10 Document-oriented Extensions 1:07:36 Expressions 1:07:55 N1SQL samples 1:15:47 Summary 1:15:48 Develop with Agility 1:16:13 Operate at Any Scale 1:16:35 Dudas
17, 18th JuneOfficial site: http://pamplonaswcraft.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/pamplonaswcraft Twitter official hastag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/scpna?src=hashThe event was organized basically by three guys (#amazing) from https://twitter.com/540info http://540deg.com/.It was a mix of Open Space and Talks.SessionsWhat a mess! Alfredo CasadoExamples about rewrites of systems that as usually gone bad… is very strange that this kind of things are good idea…The most important thing is to he...
I've just watched this great talk by Jafar Husain JSON Graph: Reactive REST at Netflix - por Garajeando
In this lighting talk we are going to talk about an amazing new feature included in Grails 3.1, the JSON views. This feature allows you to simplify how to render data in JSON format in a simple way, much more than using marshallers. Come to see this talk and when you leave, you’ll never want to use marshallers anymore.