Recursos de programación de agile
El grupo de Python Barcelona de Meetup organiza reuniones monográficas sobre temas relacionados con Python. En esta ocasión, se hicieron presentaciones sobre metodologías de desarrollo.
Reportaje grabado por AgoraNews durante el primer openspace organizado por Agile-Spain en Madrid en 2009.
Building a Groovy DSL with user interaction Corinne Krych and Sébastien Blanc Greach 2013 - 26/Jan/2013, Madrid, Spain Do you want to follow a step by step guide on how to build a DSL in Groovy? Using techniques like BaseScript, AST, bindings and command chaining, we will explain how to implement a DSL that produce an user interface and that manage User Interaction. Corinne Krych. With over XX years of experience in development (when you like it you don't count), Corinne is addicted to code and can't go very far from it. Freelance since 1999, she traveled from C++ to Java, J2EE, Spring, Struts, JSP, Web 2.0 and naturally made her path to Groovy. Being an Agile coach and practitioner, she thinks code is craft and collaboration is key to success. Chatting about the latest tech trends at coffee break: a female geek -- what do you expect -- she's always curious to discover (or rediscover) languages and frameworks. She is co-founder of RivieraGUG (Grails and Groovy User Group) and an active member of JS Sophia: because there is no better way to achieve continuous learning than sharing ideas. Sébastien Blanc is JEE engineer with 8 years of experience. After spending 7 years in the Netherlands as Software Engineer, he decided to back to the his roots in the South of France. He recently joined the AeroGear team with Red Hat to work on open source libraries for Mobile in the enterprise. Besides his "heavy" JEE profile (middleware, banking and insurance products) Sébastien spends a lot of time in Groovy and Grails. He is the author of several Grails plugins such as Spring Mobile, Jquery Mobile Scaffolding or Geolocation. He believes that Mobile Web Apps are the future and tries to evangelize this through different conferences (Gr8Conf, Devoxx, RivieraDev, Grails Exchange).
Vert.x -- Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise Stéphane Maldini Greach 2013 - 25/Jan/2013, Madrid, Spain Vert.x is an event driven application framework that runs on the JVM -- a run-time with real concurrency and unrivalled performance. Vert.x then exposes the API in Ruby, Java, Groovy and JavaScript, with more language implementations to come. This talk will be an introduction to the vert.x architecture, programming model, typical patterns and then a look at what's coming next in the framework and the component ecosystem developing around it, with a focus on Groovy Stéphane Maldini Consultant at SpringSource A software architect and consultant at SpringSource with extensive experience aligning Spring technologies. He is passionate about cloud computing, messaging and works on several projects implementing Spring Integration, RabbitMQ, Gemfire, or related technologies. Using Groovy and Grails since early 2008, he has developed large-scale Grails applications for the French Government and international IT. he has also co-founded the iceScrum agile tool tracker, an open source Grails application for agile teams. He still invests his spare time in the Grails community through the development of several Grails plugins, and in his contributions to the French Groovy/Grails User Group.
Road to Grails 3.0 Graeme Rocher Greach 2013 - 25/Jan/2013, Madrid, Spain In this talk Grails project lead, Graeme Rocher, will talk through the latest and greatest happenings in the world of Grails including a walk through of upcoming features in Grails 2.3 and Grails 3.0 Graeme Rocher is the project lead and co-founder of the Grails web application framework. He's a member of the JSR-241 Expert Group which standardizes the Groovy language. Graeme authored the Definitive Guide to Grails for Apress and is a frequent speaker at JavaOne, JavaPolis, NoFluffJustStuff, JAOO, the Sun TechDays and more. Before founding G2One, Inc., Graeme was the CTO of SkillsMatter, a skills transfer company specializing in Open Source technology and agile software development, where Graeme was in charge of the company's courseware development strategy and general technical direction. After SpringSource acquired G2One, Graeme is now the Head of Grails Development. He blogs periodically at You can find him on twitter too as @graemerocher.
DevOps con Jenkins Michael Hüttermann, autor de libros como Agile ALM o DevOps for Developers, explicó que Jenkins es una muy buena herramienta para facilitar la colaboración entre desarrolladores y administradores, permiténdoles alinear metas, procesos y herramientas.
Comenta Jim Highsmith en el libro “Agile Software Development Ecosystems”: “Los planes son hipótesis a contrastar en lugar de predicciones a realizar”. Resume la diferencia básica entre un enfoque evolutivo y un enfoque clásico. El enfoque evolutivo está basado en iterar nuevas versiones del producto y mediante el feedback del usuario determinar en qué se …Leer Más - por Jummp
Introducción a Agile y Scrum por Carlos Buenosvinos @buenosvinos en el Betabeers Barcelona celebrado el 21 de febrero de 2012 en La Salle Technova.